• Faye Allen

    MindUP™ Curriculum Development and Training Lead: Teacher


    Faye is a graduate from the University of Leeds in French and Spanish and a qualified teacher with six years of experience. Faye is a class teacher and has been teaching MindUP™ since 2013, successfully implementing and leading the programme in two Inner city primary schools in London with children from diverse backgrounds.


    This year we are delighted that Faye joins The Hawn Foundation UK team as a secondee from Fielding Primary School, London. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise as an outstanding teacher to her role of Training and Curriculum Lead. Faye is tasked with supporting MindUP™ training for schools and digital curriculum resource development.


    Faye is an expert in bringing MindUP™ to life in her classroom and embeds neuroscience and mindful awareness practices into daily teaching and learning throughout her school.