• Irene Viglia Atton

    With a degree in International Business with languages and corporate experience in Multinational companies.

    Irene Viglia Atton has been teaching groups and coaching individuals since 2010. Believing in the importance of a clear and coherent communication she has been delivering information and teaching the science of the heart as well as the impact of leading a life from our very centre.


    Irene is a HeartMath® Trainer who presents all over the world information about the physiological activity of the Heart and its impact on personal performance, communication and in the decision making process in business and in personal lives as well as Director for the School of Images ® UK and Italy.


    Her work is the one to introduce and support individuals and groups to the concept of decision making and moving forward in life from a coherent, centred and aware focused point, clear of any stress, emotional tension and agitation with the objective to be successful.