• Lee Campbell

    Sport and fitness have always been a part of Lee Campbell's life. For over 25 years, he has devoted himself to the health and fitness industry, and his method of bringing training back to basics has had a lasting impact on everyone he trains. It's this successful formula which keeps him in demand as he travels around Australia and overseas helping businesses integrate his training methods and passion for health into the lives of their employees. Lee bases his training on functional body training’; getting back to basics. His aim is to help clients achieve a healthy, functioning body, that is able to support them throughout their daily lives, maximising their health and prolonging their lives.


    To do this, he accesses their physical, mental and emotional needs by bonding with his clients and forming genuine friendships with mutual respect. Lee then pushes the client further in their physical training than they thought possible, using a mix of encouragement and ‘tough love’. Often the biggest boundaries are not the physical ones, but the mental and emotional ones people put in front of them. When Lee trains people, he likes to work out what makes them tick and his ability to do this so well, has propelled his success as a fitness trainer. He knows that to get through to someone, he needs to understand their personality, their dreams and relating to them on a level that will work for that individual.


    In late 2012 Lee formally launched the Canberra base for his successful health and wellbeing business, B.FIRM. Approaching health and well-being through the lens of holistic health, B.FIRM’s philosophy is bedded in teaching and building on individual and community health and well-being knowledge by creating impactful programs and using encouragement and positive influence as tools for change. B.FIRM’s clients cover a broad spectrum of the community and include large corporate organisations and their employees, high-profile and celebrity clients, people experiencing personal and life challenges of all forms, whether it be cerebral palsy, low self-esteem or a life crisis, hard-core obstacle trainers, professional sporting teams and people seeking healthier lifestyles.

    You are invited to take part in a trekking experience with Lee, so that you can get the practical experience of how it is to be applying neuroscience in practical terms as well as motivation and drive to achieve.

    The trek will start at 10.00am at the bottom of Arthur´s Seat at the back of Dynamic Earth and will last approximately 3 hours to explore the extinct volcano of Edinburgh. Do bring appropriate shoes and clothes.

    This unique opportunity to trek with Lee, David and Andrew is a chance of a lifetime experience.